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5 simple ways to build emotional intimacy with your partner

Combining physical attraction with emotional intimacy - The perfect recipe for a fairytale romance!

It’s no secret that putting your partner’s needs first and foremost should be your priority in order to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. This includes both physical and emotional needs. However, in a world where things may only be limited to surface level, the emotional part often tends to be overlooked or neglected. Shared interests, chemistry, and physical attraction will eventually fade and maybe come again, but emotional intimacy is something you’ve invested time in and built from the ground up. If not, here, are five simple steps to do it.

1. Engage in more meaningful, introspective conversations

Although “how was your day” is a cute way of catching up with your partner, it’s often surface level and leaves little to no room to express genuine feelings. Confiding in your partner about your fears, dreams, and most complex emotions will make them feel appreciated as you entrust them with a different side of you that most people do not get to see. Likewise, when they do so in turn, make sure to listen closely when they share theirs. Make them feel seen, and comfort them through any moments of distress.

2. Find out each other’s love languages

Knowing your love language is crucial because it’s how you communicate your undying love to your partner. This point essentially circles back to honest and open communication. Engaging in more deeper, heartfelt conversations will help you find out more about each other. Knowing each other’s love languages will help you better understand how they want to be loved so you can act accordingly.

3. Validate their feelings by offering emotional support

When your partner expresses a bit of discomfort, belittling their emotions is possibly the worst thing you can do. Not only does this discourage them to be honest with you, but communication becomes restrained.

4. Make eye contact

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Use this to your advantage to deeply connect with your partner on an emotional level when you’re having a conversation. Hold eye contact and make them feel truly seen and understood.

5. Give them your undivided attention

It’s important you put all sorts of distractions away when spending quality time with your partner. Turn off your phone or put it away during movie night so you’re not spending the entire time responding to Instagram DMs from friends. If you have to document the moment for memories, take a few pictures and post them later. The goal is to really live in the moment and grant your partner your full attention. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a second option.

All in all, emotional intimacy is really the base to achieving a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It requires complete vulnerability because it is how your soul connects with your partner’s and resonates with them on a level far beyond physical attraction.


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