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If a person is born again or born into God's Kingdom, does this mean he or she received spiritual sense (or perception)? Can someone who is born again see a spiritual reality? Explain this spiritual perception and reality.

Answer from our relationship expert:

The concept of being "born again" or entering into God's Kingdom is central to many religious traditions, particularly Christianity. It signifies a spiritual rebirth or awakening, where individuals experience a profound transformation in their beliefs, values, and perceptions. While the specifics may vary depending on one's theological perspective, being born again generally involves a deepening of spiritual awareness and a newfound understanding of one's relationship with the divine. In this state of spiritual rebirth, individuals may indeed develop heightened spiritual senses or perceptions that allow them to perceive the world in a new light. This spiritual perception goes beyond mere sensory experiences and taps into the realm of the divine, where truths are revealed through intuition, revelation, and communion with God.



April 3, 2024

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