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How to get wife to be interested in sex?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Building desire and intimacy in a long-term relationship requires effort and communication from both partners. Start by creating a safe and supportive environment where your wife feels comfortable expressing her desires and concerns. Engage in open and honest conversations about your sexual relationship, exploring each other's fantasies, preferences, and boundaries. Focus on building emotional connection through activities like date nights, shared hobbies, and affectionate gestures. Encourage non-sexual physical touch and intimacy to foster closeness and arousal. Be patient and understanding, as it may take time for your wife to feel comfortable and interested in sexual activity. Consider seeking the guidance of a couples therapist or sex therapist for additional support.

Create a safe and supportive environment for open communication about sexual desires and concerns. Focus on building emotional connection and intimacy through shared activities and affectionate gestures. Be patient and understanding, and consider seeking professional support if needed.


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April 17, 2024

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