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A woman inquires me about another woman I showed interest in, then unwarrantedly asks about another girl I never showed interest in; could it be that the third girl is interested in me and she was testing the waters?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:

A6: It's possible that the woman who inquired about the other women you showed interest in, including the one you hadn't expressed interest in, was trying to gauge your romantic interests and intentions. Sometimes, people ask about others as a way to indirectly assess someone's relationship status or level of interest. If she asked about the third girl, even though you hadn't shown interest, it could indicate that she's curious about your interactions with other women. She might be trying to understand your dating or relationship preferences or perhaps testing the waters to see if you are available or interested in someone else. It's essential to consider her motivations and communicate openly if you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. Honest and transparent communication is key in building trust and understanding each other's intentions and expectations.

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