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A woman instantly knew she had my phone number; I always had the same number, but I do not have hers and don't remember giving it to her; how could she know she had me in her agenda right away without checking?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:

A7: It's intriguing that the woman you mentioned knew she had your phone number without checking her contacts or confirming it with you. While it's possible that she simply remembered your number from a previous interaction, there could be other explanations as well. Sometimes, people exchange contact information casually, and one person may save the other's number without informing them. Additionally, she might have obtained your number indirectly through mutual friends or acquaintances. Another possibility is that she could have used a feature on social media or another platform that automatically saved your number after an interaction. It's also conceivable that she simply has a good memory and retained your number from when it was initially shared. Regardless, if you are concerned about privacy or how she obtained your number, it might be beneficial to communicate your concerns with her to clarify the situation.

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