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A woman is eager to get affection from me that she can't get from her partner; tell me examples of sentences to build anticipation.

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:

A10: Building anticipation in a relationship can be an enticing way to create emotional intensity and connection. Sentences or phrases that evoke excitement and anticipation can vary based on personal preferences and comfort levels. A few examples could include phrases like "I can't wait to see you," "Looking forward to sharing some special moments together," or "Imagining our time together brings a smile to my face." These phrases can instill a sense of longing and excitement, setting the stage for the moments you spend together. Creating anticipation is about maintaining a balance between hinting at what's to come without giving away too much. You might also consider phrases that subtly tease future encounters or shared intimate experiences without explicitly detailing them. Ultimately, building anticipation should be a collaborative and consensual endeavor in which both partners feel comfortable and excited about the journey ahead.

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