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Addressing a spouse who minimizes feelings.

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March 10, 2024

Addressing a spouse who minimizes feelings requires empathy, assertiveness, and boundary-setting. Start by expressing your feelings and concerns in a calm and non-confrontational manner, emphasizing the impact of their behavior on your emotional well-being and the relationship. Use "I" statements to communicate your feelings and experiences without blaming or accusing your spouse. Be specific about the instances where you felt invalidated or dismissed and the emotions it triggered for you. Encourage open dialogue and active listening, seeking to understand your spouse's perspective and motivations behind their minimizing behavior. Set clear boundaries regarding respectful communication and emotional validation, emphasizing the importance of mutual empathy and support in the relationship. Consider seeking couples therapy or counseling to explore underlying issues and develop healthy communication skills and coping strategies for both partners. Remember that validating and respecting each other's feelings is essential for building trust, intimacy, and emotional connection in a relationship.


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