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Can I look back at past daily questions on Flamme?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


April 3, 2024

Unfortunately, as an AI developed by OpenAI, I don't have access to individual user data or interactions, including past questions on specific platforms like Flamme. However, if Flamme offers a feature to access past questions or conversations, you may be able to retrieve this information by exploring the platform's settings or contacting their support team for assistance. Additionally, consider keeping a personal record or journal of your daily questions and reflections to track your progress and insights over time. Reflecting on past questions and responses can help you gain clarity, identify patterns, and track your personal growth and development. If you have specific questions or concerns about your experiences on Flamme or any other platform, feel free to share them, and I'll do my best to provide guidance and support based on the information available.


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