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Does a message criticizing my communication mean I've ruined things?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 10, 2024

Receiving criticism or feedback about your communication style can be challenging, but it's essential to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow. Rather than viewing criticism as a sign of failure or rejection, try to see it as an opportunity for self-awareness and improvement. Reflect on the feedback you've received and consider whether there may be validity to the concerns raised. If so, consider ways to address any areas for improvement and enhance your communication skills moving forward. However, it's important not to internalize criticism or allow it to undermine your confidence or self-worth. Remember that effective communication is a skill that can be developed and refined over time with practice and feedback. Seek support from trusted friends, family members, or a therapist who can offer guidance and encouragement as you work to improve your communication abilities.


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