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How do feelings differ from emotions, and what role do bodily sensations play in emotional experiences?

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April 3, 2024

Feelings are subjective experiences that arise in response to emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations. Emotions, on the other hand, are complex physiological and psychological responses to internal or external stimuli, involving changes in arousal, behavior, and subjective experience. While feelings are often influenced by cognitive interpretations and social context, emotions are more primal and instinctual in nature. Bodily sensations play a crucial role in emotional experiences, serving as cues or signals that communicate internal states to the brain. For example, sensations like rapid heartbeat, sweating, or butterflies in the stomach may accompany emotions such as fear, excitement, or attraction. While bodily sensations are an integral component of emotional experiences, they are not the only type of emotions. Emotions can also manifest as psychological states, cognitive appraisals, or social expressions, depending on the individual and context. By understanding the interplay between feelings, emotions, and bodily sensations, individuals can deepen their emotional intelligence and cultivate greater awareness and regulation of their internal states.


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