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How long should i wait to i reach out to a girl i was seeing for 2 months, who said she needs space

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

Respect your partner's need for space and give them the time and distance they've requested. It's essential to honor their boundaries and not pressure them into resuming communication before they're ready. Instead of focusing on a specific timeline, focus on respecting their needs and demonstrating understanding and patience. Use this time to reflect on your own feelings and priorities, and consider what you want for yourself and the relationship moving forward. When the time feels right, reach out to your partner with a message expressing your respect for their space and a genuine desire to reconnect. Be prepared for the possibility that they may need more time or that the relationship may not continue as before. Regardless of the outcome, approaching the situation with empathy and respect can help preserve the integrity of the relationship and foster open communication and understanding between you and your partner.


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