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Is common interests the beginning of a friendship? Is friendship about sharing common interests? Can two people walk together as friends unless they agree?

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March 10, 2024

Common interests can certainly be a starting point for forming friendships, as they provide a basis for shared experiences and activities. When two individuals have similar hobbies, beliefs, or values, it creates common ground for connection and rapport. However, friendship goes beyond just shared interests. It encompasses mutual respect, trust, and support, regardless of differences. While common interests can facilitate bonding, they are not a prerequisite for friendship. Many meaningful friendships thrive on diversity and complementarity, where each person brings unique perspectives and qualities to the relationship. Furthermore, disagreement or differing interests are natural aspects of any relationship, including friendship. They offer opportunities for growth, learning, and understanding. Ultimately, what sustains a friendship is the willingness to accept and appreciate each other's differences while cherishing the bond that unites them.


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