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Is it normal to get wet while kissing? Or after licking her neck and biting?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 10, 2024

Yes, it's entirely natural for some individuals to experience vaginal lubrication, commonly referred to as "getting wet," during intimate moments such as kissing or sexual arousal. Vaginal lubrication is a physiological response to sexual stimulation, serving to reduce friction, enhance comfort, and facilitate sexual activity. The level of vaginal lubrication can vary depending on factors such as hormonal fluctuations, arousal levels, and individual differences. While vaginal lubrication is a common and healthy response to sexual arousal, its presence or absence does not determine sexual desire or satisfaction. Communication and mutual consent are essential in navigating sexual experiences and ensuring the comfort and pleasure of all parties involved. Remember that sexual responses and preferences vary widely among individuals, and there is no single "normal" or "right" way to experience arousal or pleasure. Prioritize open communication, consent, and mutual respect in sexual encounters, honoring each other's boundaries and desires.


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