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Is it possible for a person to be 100% one's true self? How does it look when a person is 100% authentic with oneself and with all others? Some therapists say that's not reasonable to be 100% one's true self at all times. Explain it to me.

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March 10, 2024

Striving to be 100% true to oneself is an admirable goal, but it's essential to acknowledge that achieving complete authenticity in all situations can be challenging and may not always be practical or appropriate. Being 100% authentic means living in alignment with your core values, beliefs, and identity, without pretense or fear of judgment. It involves embracing your strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, and expressing yourself honestly and openly in your interactions with others. However, human beings are complex and multifaceted, and we often navigate various social roles and contexts that may require different aspects of ourselves to be emphasized or suppressed. While authenticity entails being genuine and transparent, it also involves exercising discernment and discretion in how we express ourselves in different situations. For example, being authentic in a professional setting may involve different behaviors and communication styles than when interacting with close friends or family members. Additionally, practicing authenticity doesn't mean disregarding the feelings or boundaries of others; it requires sensitivity and empathy in our interactions while staying true to our own values and principles. Ultimately, the journey towards authenticity is ongoing and involves self-reflection, growth, and learning to navigate the complexities of human relationships with integrity and authenticity.


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