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Is it possible that my ex felt weird seeing me boo'd up with my new guy even though he had a new girl with him?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 10, 2024

It's entirely possible that your ex felt a range of emotions upon seeing you in a new relationship, including discomfort, jealousy, or nostalgia, regardless of whether they were also involved with someone new. Breakups can stir up complex feelings, and witnessing an ex-partner move on can evoke a variety of reactions, depending on the individual's emotional state and the circumstances of the breakup. Seeing you "boo'd up" with someone new may have triggered feelings of loss or regret for your ex, prompting them to reflect on their own choices and emotions. Additionally, the presence of their new partner may have heightened their insecurities or highlighted the differences between their current and past relationships. It's important to approach such situations with empathy and understanding, recognizing that everyone processes breakups differently and may require time and space to heal and move on. Ultimately, focusing on your own happiness and well-being in your new relationship is paramount, and maintaining respectful boundaries with your ex can help minimize potential conflicts or misunderstandings.


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