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Jesus is only God because He was begotten of God. Just like dog produces dog, human produces human, so God produces God or His Son! Using this logic, every child of God must be Gods also.

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March 10, 2024

The concept of Jesus's divinity and his relationship to God the Father is a central tenet of Christian theology and has been the subject of theological debate and interpretation for centuries. While some Christian traditions affirm the doctrine of the Trinity, which asserts that Jesus is fully divine and coequal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, others interpret Jesus's divinity in different ways. It's essential to recognize that theological perspectives on Jesus's nature and identity can vary among different Christian denominations and theological schools of thought. The analogy of parentage used to describe Jesus's relationship to God the Father reflects one interpretation of his divine origin, but it may not capture the full complexity of Christian beliefs surrounding the Trinity and the Incarnation. Ultimately, the interpretation of Jesus's divinity is deeply rooted in individual faith traditions, scripture, and theological reflection, shaping believers' understanding of his significance and role in salvation history.


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