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Last night I saw my ex at a function. We didn’t speak to each other the entire night because we aren’t necessarily on the best of terms. I finally waved at him and he just nodded in response. Later he texted me apologizing that he was just tired.

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March 10, 2024

Encountering an ex can bring up a range of emotions, from nostalgia to discomfort. It's natural to feel a bit awkward or unsure of how to act in such situations. In this case, it seems like both you and your ex were respectful by acknowledging each other's presence without forcing a conversation. His later text could indicate that he recognized the tension and wanted to address it, which shows a level of maturity and consideration. As for your response, it's important to assess how you feel about the interaction and whether you're open to further communication with your ex. If you appreciate the apology and feel comfortable, you could respond with understanding and perhaps use it as an opportunity to discuss any lingering issues or boundaries moving forward. However, if you prefer to maintain distance, it's okay to simply acknowledge the apology and move on without dwelling on the encounter. Ultimately, prioritize your own feelings and boundaries in deciding how to respond.


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