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My boyfriend of 4 years and I are having a very low interval in our relationship. How do I subtly let him know that I suspect he has an emotional affair?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 10, 2024

Suspecting infidelity in a relationship can be distressing. Approach the topic with sensitivity and caution. Start by expressing your concerns to your boyfriend in a non-accusatory manner. Use "I" statements to convey how his behavior or interactions with others have triggered feelings of insecurity or doubt. Avoid making assumptions or accusations without evidence. Express a desire to understand his perspective and address any underlying issues affecting the relationship. Encourage open and honest communication about boundaries and expectations regarding fidelity and emotional connection. Pay attention to changes in his behavior or routines that may indicate emotional distance or secrecy. If your suspicions persist, consider seeking couples therapy to explore trust issues and rebuild emotional intimacy in the relationship.


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