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What if a girl calls you to meet but is busy on her phone, saying nothing and going in 15 minutes for her other friends?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

If a girl calls you to meet but seems preoccupied with her phone and abruptly leaves to join her other friends after a short time, it's essential to consider her actions and communicate openly about your feelings. It's possible that she may be dealing with personal issues or distractions that are affecting her ability to engage fully in the interaction. However, her behavior may also indicate a lack of interest or consideration for your time and presence. In either case, it's crucial to address the situation calmly and respectfully. Express your feelings and concerns honestly, using "I" statements to avoid placing blame. Depending on her response and willingness to engage in open communication, you can decide how to proceed with the relationship moving forward. Remember to prioritize your own feelings and boundaries while also considering her perspective and intentions.


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