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What if I ask God in prayer to manifest His glory as a white light (after the prayer, I wait silently with expectation and faith looking for a while light to manifest in my imagination rather outwardly with eyes open or inwardly with eyes closed?

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March 27, 2024

Engaging in prayer and meditation can be powerful practices for connecting with your spirituality and seeking guidance from a higher power. Asking God to manifest His glory as a white light is a deeply personal and meaningful expression of faith and reverence. After offering your prayer, allow yourself to remain open and receptive to the presence of God's light and energy, whether through inward reflection or outward observation. Trust in the power of your faith and the divine presence to illuminate your consciousness and bring clarity, peace, and guidance to your life. Remember that spiritual experiences are subjective and can manifest in various forms, so remain open-minded and attentive to the signs and messages you receive.


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