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What is God's original purpose for marriage and sex?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


April 3, 2024

According to many religious teachings, including those found in the Bible, God's original purpose for marriage and sex is multifaceted. In Genesis, it is stated that God created man and woman to be companions and partners, forming a sacred bond between them. Marriage is often depicted as a covenant between two individuals, where they commit to love, honor, and support each other for life. Within the context of marriage, sex is viewed as a gift from God, intended to deepen the emotional and physical connection between spouses and to create new life. God designed sex as a means of expressing love, pleasure, and intimacy within the bounds of marriage. As a relationship expert, I believe that understanding and honoring the original purpose of marriage and sex can have profound implications for couples. By recognizing the sacred nature of their union and approaching sex as a way to strengthen their bond, couples can cultivate greater intimacy, trust, and fulfillment in their relationship.


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