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What should I do if my friend says he loves me but I don't feel the same way?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

Receiving a declaration of love from a friend can be awkward and may strain your friendship if feelings are not reciprocated. Start by acknowledging and validating your friend's feelings with empathy and kindness. Express gratitude for their honesty and courage while being clear and honest about your own feelings. Communicate openly and assertively, emphasizing that while you value and appreciate their friendship, you don't share the same romantic feelings. Reaffirm your commitment to maintaining the friendship and emphasize the importance of mutual respect and understanding moving forward. Allow your friend space and time to process their feelings and adjust to the new dynamic of your relationship. Be patient and compassionate, recognizing that it may take time for both of you to navigate this transition. Focus on fostering open communication, shared interests, and mutual support to strengthen your friendship despite this challenge.


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