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What steps do I take on setting up boundaries with a narcissistic partner?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

Setting boundaries with a narcissistic partner can be challenging but essential for maintaining your emotional well-being and autonomy. Begin by identifying your own needs, values, and limits, allowing you to establish clear and assertive boundaries that reflect your self-respect and personal boundaries. Communicate your boundaries directly and assertively, using "I" statements to express your feelings and expectations without blaming or accusing your partner. Be prepared for pushback or resistance from your partner, as narcissists may struggle to respect boundaries that challenge their sense of entitlement and superiority. Stay firm and consistent in enforcing your boundaries, refusing to tolerate manipulation, gaslighting, or emotional abuse. Seek support from a therapist or trusted friends and family members who can provide validation, guidance, and encouragement as you navigate this challenging dynamic. Remember that prioritizing your own well-being and boundaries is not selfish but necessary for preserving your mental and emotional health in a relationship with a narcissistic partner.


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