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Why does my husband avoid arguments so much?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


April 3, 2024

If your husband consistently avoids arguments, it may stem from various underlying reasons. He may have a fear of conflict or confrontation, preferring to maintain harmony and avoid potential tension in the relationship. Additionally, he may lack effective communication skills or feel overwhelmed by emotions during disagreements, leading him to withdraw or shut down. Past experiences, such as growing up in a household where conflict was handled poorly, could also influence his aversion to arguments. Alternatively, he may perceive arguments as threatening to the stability of the relationship and seek to minimize conflict to preserve peace. To address this issue, initiate a calm and respectful conversation with your husband to express your concerns and understand his perspective. Encourage open communication about both of your needs and feelings surrounding conflict resolution. Consider seeking couples therapy or counseling to develop healthier communication strategies and navigate conflicts constructively as a couple.


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