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Why does my husband dodge past relationships question?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

Dodging questions about past relationships may indicate discomfort or reluctance to discuss certain topics. Your husband might have personal reasons for avoiding these questions, such as privacy concerns, emotional pain associated with past experiences, or a desire to focus on the present rather than dwell on the past. He may feel that past relationships are irrelevant to your current relationship and prefer not to revisit them. Additionally, discussing past relationships can sometimes trigger feelings of insecurity or jealousy in either partner, leading to avoidance as a way to prevent conflict or discomfort. It's essential to respect your husband's boundaries and approach sensitive topics with empathy and understanding. Instead of pressing for answers, create a supportive environment where he feels comfortable sharing at his own pace. Focus on building trust and emotional intimacy in your relationship by prioritizing open communication and mutual respect. As trust and comfort grow, he may become more willing to discuss past experiences when he feels ready.


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