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Why does my husband think having conflicts means it’s a bad marriage?

Answer from our relationship trained AI Couple Coach:


March 27, 2024

Conflict avoidance or negative perceptions of conflict can stem from various factors, including past experiences, communication patterns, and relationship dynamics. Your husband might associate conflicts with negativity or failure due to previous experiences where conflicts were poorly managed or escalated into more significant problems. He may believe that conflicts are inherently harmful to relationships and should be avoided at all costs to maintain harmony and stability. Additionally, cultural or societal influences can shape attitudes towards conflict and marriage, leading to misconceptions or unrealistic expectations. It's essential to address these beliefs and perceptions through open communication and education. Help your husband understand that conflicts are a natural and unavoidable part of any relationship and can provide opportunities for growth, understanding, and connection when handled constructively. Encourage him to reframe his perspective on conflicts as opportunities for communication, problem-solving, and mutual learning. By fostering a positive and proactive approach to conflict resolution, you can strengthen your marriage and build a deeper bond based on trust, empathy, and resilience.


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