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Why is it when I ask others how they are feeling, 98% of them say I'm fine? The statement "I'm fine" is not a feeling. Explain to me the reasons people don't honestly acknowledge their feelings when asked.

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April 10, 2024

The tendency to respond with "I'm fine" when asked about one's feelings is a common phenomenon rooted in social norms, communication patterns, and personal defense mechanisms. Many people default to this response out of habit or as a way of avoiding deeper emotional conversations or vulnerability. There are several reasons why individuals may hesitate to honestly acknowledge their feelings when asked. Firstly, there may be societal or cultural expectations that discourage emotional expression or vulnerability, leading people to downplay or dismiss their true feelings in favor of maintaining a façade of strength or composure. Secondly, individuals may fear judgment, rejection, or misunderstanding if they were to openly share their feelings, especially if they perceive their emotions as negative or burdensome.


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