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Multiple ways to show gratitude to your partner

Gratefulness lies in the little things. Make sure to appreciate your partner using our simple, but meaningful, ways!

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” - Les Parrott

Between busy work schedules, running errands and chaotic mornings, we habitually forget to trade the words “is breakfast ready” for a few appreciative phrases sometimes. Although this is expected, particularly in long-term relationships, the occasional phrase, gift and expression can still be impactful by the thousandfold.

Showing gratitude should be made into daily habitual practice by both partners as its essential to fostering and nurturing a relationship. There is a myriad of ways in which gratitude should be shown, but below are some to get you started:

1. Know your partner’s love language and base your actions around it

As mentioned in our past article: “The 5 Love Languages”, not everyone communicates affection and gratitude in the same way. As author and marriage counsellor Gary Chapman categorizes in his book, there are 5 types of love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and receiving gifts. Therefore, once you’ve identified the type of lover your partner is, the medium and method by which you show your appreciation can be derived easily.

2. Give them your full, undivided, phone-less attention

Another way to potently display gratitude is to commit uninterrupted time for them. Once distractions are out of the way, meaningful connections begin to form. Unfortunately, modern life isn’t built this way, and accompanying the rise of virtual meetings, work calls and social media, couples may forget to put their phones down for each other. Nowadays, devoting full attention has become the rarity.

Intend to schedule quality, uninterrupted and quiet time together daily or weekly. You can set ‘date nights’ or ‘movie nights’. Regardless, showing your partner that “nothing is more important than you at this moment” is what really matters.

3. Write a thoughtful card or letter for them to find

This is the sort of “sweet little gesture” that can really make their day. No need for lavish holidays or public declarations of adoration, sometimes, incorporating sweet and caring messages is all that is needed.

Other gestures you can try out include: sending a special delivery, texting that funny meme you came across, having breakfast ready in the morning, making them a playlist…it all depends on how creative you can get!

4. Compliment them in private and public

Mention your thankfulness further than the four walls of your home. Whether that be in front of family or close friends, your partner will surely appreciate this act of validation through verbalized gratefulness.

5. Make it a habit

It’s understandable to be overwhelmed and distracted - life happens. However, we should never take our partner for granted, and displaying gratitude is the simplest way to ensure of that. Striving to make appreciating your partner a habit will allow your love for each other to grow, while also making each other more optimistic about life in general.

From festooned birthday surprises to small thank-you notes, acts of gratitude-regardless of their size- are a powerful way to demonstrate love for your partner. When we’re appreciated for our part in a relationship; we’re motivated to put work in, when we’re valued for who we are; the connection grows deeper. In summary, gratitude is a simple pathway to a healthier and happier relationship.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only. Please do not use the information provided here as a replacement for therapy or professional advice. For the full disclaimer policy, please refer to


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