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Netflix Bridgerton-Themed Date Ideas

bridgerton couples colage

Dearest gentle reader,

The romantics are abuzz as a new season of Bridgerton approaches! With Part 2 of Season 3 set to air next week, I would be remiss not to use this opportunity to share some cute date ideas inspired by one of the most watched shows on Netflix. While I may not be Lady Whistledown, poised with the hottest gossip, I do have some romantic Bridgerton-themed date ideas to make your heart swoon.

Bridgerton-Themed Date Ideas

daphne and simon walking bridgerton season 1

Promenade Park Date: A leisurely stroll through the park may seem ordinary, but as we’ve seen with Daphne and Simon, it’s the simple moments that give us a chance to truly connect. Walk hand in hand through your local park, soaking in the beauty of nature and each other. For an added touch, dress in style and bring along a parasol to fully embrace the ways of the ton.

bridgerton family play pall mall season 2

Pall Mall: Share in Kate and Anthony's spirit for competition with a Pall Mall date night. If you've never played this French-originated lawn game, you're not alone, it hasn't been a common pastime since the 17th century. But who says we can't bring it back, Bridgerton style! Much like croquet, all you need is a ball, mallet, and hoops to stick into the lawn. The rules are simple, take turns using your mallet to hit the ball through the square hoops. If your partner's ball lands next to yours, you can either hit your ball or embrace the Bridgerton's ruthless ways and knock your partner's ball off course. For more on Pall Mall, check out this article

Anthony in garden in bridgerton season 2

Romance in the Garden: The Bridgerton's must have a thing for gardens, as both seasons feature some pretty steamy moments outdoors. If being in nature is a turn on for you, then set up a private picnic with all the romantic staples: flowers, candles, music, chocolate covered strawberries, etc and let your passions run free 😉.

bridgerton family dance in season 2

Bridgerton-Themed Party: If you really want to elevate your date night, turn it into a full-on ball. Invite other couples to don their finest Regency-era attire and dance the night away to violin renditions of pop hits. Thanks to modern technology, YouTube can teach you everything from the Waltz to the Polka, ensuring you and your friends feel like true royalty.

simon and will boxing bridgerton season 1

Boxing Match: For those seeking a bit more excitement, a night at the boxing ring is sure to get your heart beating. While most of these dates cater to the romantics, this one is for those who crave some thrill. Feeling lucky? Place a bet with each other on which boxer you think will win. Winner of the bet gets a favor of their choosing!

King George and Queen Charlotte holding hands on coronation day

Rule for a Day: Inspired by the heart-wrenching love story of King George and Queen Charlotte, this date allows you to feel like royalty. Take turns acting as King or Queen for the day, making all the decisions—including what you wear, eat, and do. If you want to feel truly regal or simply love a chance to role-play, make a crown and dress up. Always remember to keep it fun, playful, and respectful. Don't let all that power go to your head!

King George looks at the stars using telescope in his observatory

Stargazing: In honor of King George's love of astrology, this date offers a beautiful way to connect with your partner underneath the stars. Stand together between the Heavens and the Earth as you contemplate the infinite wonders of the universe. As George so passionately declared, "In this world we live in where I am given so much power and attention, it is good to remember that I am but a bit of dust on a small dot in the universe."

Penelope write Lady Whistledown letter

Open When Letters: Last but not least, I must include one inspired by Lady Whistledown herself, whose love of writing makes this show all the more binge-worthy. Capture your thoughts in a notebook by writing ten letters recounting significant moments in your life that have shaped who you are today. Pass on wisdom from valuable lessons you've learned through love, struggle, faith, and more. Seal each letter in an envelope and address them to a special person you wish to inspire in the future—a grandchild, niece, friend, or even a stranger. Give each letter a title starting with "Open when...". When the time is right, deliver the letters to your desired reader. While our bodies may not be immortal, this activity is a great reminder that our stories can live on.

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Until next time, dear readers, may your hearts be full and your dates ever so delightful!

All photos are credited to Netflix.

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