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How can I effectively communicate my preferences for intimacy and menstruation with my partner?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Communication about intimacy and menstruation requires sensitivity, understanding, and open dialogue. Start by choosing an appropriate time and setting to discuss the topic privately and respectfully. Use "I" statements to express your feelings and preferences without placing blame or judgment. Share your thoughts and concerns openly, allowing your partner the opportunity to ask questions and express their own feelings. Be patient and empathetic, recognizing that menstruation can affect individuals differently and may require adjustments in intimacy. Explore alternative forms of intimacy and pleasure that are comfortable and enjoyable for both partners. Ultimately, prioritize mutual respect, understanding, and support in navigating intimacy and menstruation in your relationship.

Approach the topic of intimacy and menstruation with sensitivity and understanding, using "I" statements and open dialogue. Be patient and empathetic, allowing space for your partner to express their feelings and concerns.


Planned Parenthood - Talking About Menstruation


April 10, 2024

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