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Seven college-level synonyms for "approve"?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Synonyms for "approve" at a college level may include endorse, sanction, ratify, support, validate, authorize, and affirm. These terms all convey the idea of giving formal or official approval to something, whether it be an idea, action, decision, or proposal. When one endorses something, they publicly declare their support or approval of it, often lending their credibility or authority to the matter at hand. Sanctioning involves officially permitting or allowing something, often with the implication of approval or authorization. Ratifying signifies giving formal consent or approval to a decision, agreement, or treaty, often through a legal or official process. Supporting entails providing assistance, encouragement, or backing to something, indicating one's approval or endorsement of it. Validating involves confirming the accuracy, validity, or legitimacy of something, thereby giving it official recognition or approval. Authorizing denotes granting official permission or consent for something to occur, indicating one's approval or endorsement of the action. Affirming signifies expressing agreement, support, or validation of something, often in a formal or solemn manner. These college-level synonyms for "approve" reflect various ways in which individuals or institutions can express their support, endorsement, or validation of a particular idea, action, or decision, emphasizing the importance of formal acknowledgment and recognition in academic and professional contexts.



March 10, 2024

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