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What if I'm attracted to someone sometimes and other times I'm not?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Experiencing fluctuations in attraction toward someone can be a normal and natural part of human experience, influenced by a variety of factors such as mood, circumstances, and personal preferences. It's essential to acknowledge and validate your feelings without judgment or self-criticism, recognizing that attraction is fluid and dynamic and can vary over time. Consider exploring the underlying reasons for your changing feelings and preferences, such as emotional connection, physical chemistry, or compatibility. Are there specific qualities or traits that attract you to this person at certain times? Are there external factors or circumstances that influence your level of attraction or interest? By understanding your own feelings and motivations, you can develop greater self-awareness and insight into your romantic attractions and relationships. Remember that it's okay to have shifting feelings and preferences, and it's essential to honor your own emotions and desires authentically, whether they align with societal expectations or not.



March 27, 2024

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