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What you should do if your partner does not care about your feelings?

Answer from our relationship expert:

If your partner consistently disregards your feelings, it's essential to address the issue openly and assertively. Start by expressing your concerns and emotions calmly and directly, using "I" statements to communicate how their behavior affects you. Avoid blaming or accusing language, focusing instead on your own experiences and needs. Be specific about the behaviors or actions that hurt or upset you, providing examples to illustrate your point. Listen to your partner's perspective with an open mind, seeking to understand their motivations and underlying reasons for their behavior. However, maintain firm boundaries and expectations for respectful treatment in the relationship. If your partner continues to dismiss or invalidate your feelings, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor to explore deeper issues and learn effective communication strategies. Ultimately, prioritize your emotional well-being and self-respect, recognizing that a healthy relationship requires mutual care, empathy, and respect for each other's feelings.



April 3, 2024

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