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Top tips for a stress-free vacation with your partner

Lost on how to plan a trip with your polar-opposite partner? Here are some life-saving tips.

Quality time with our loved ones can already be scant in today's busy age. So when there is an opportunity for vacation, you’d think many couples would jump at the idea of making a getaway trip together. Unfortunately, different travelling styles can act as a constraint.

Sure, nothing tops the comfort of travelling together; however, making trips mean that there are plans to be made, places to book and budgets to decide. Topping all that off with different travelling styles, decision fatigue and jet lag can make many couples shrink at the idea and opt for less ambitious plans.

But do not fret! With these tips, even couples with opposing travelling styles can make trips the ultimate stress-free bonding time while simultaneously experiencing things they enjoy:

1. Spend Time Alone Completely different approaches to your partner? Avoid a joined-at-the-hip mentality and appreciate some alone time while on a couple's vacation. Of course, no need to travel alone for this; just allocate some days on your trip where both can adventure in activities they enjoy. At the end of the day, remember to assemble and talk-through interesting events that occurred over dinner and wine.

2. Be Flexible and Compromise

We often discuss the importance of compromise when it comes to relationships, and travelling is the perfect example. Reciprocate a “give and take” approach, with both partners making sacrifices at times for their partner. Who knows? Maybe being open-minded will lead you to some unexpected surprises.

3. Decide on a Budget - And Stick To It

Everyone hates discussing spending, so it is no surprise that one of the most common issues couples fight over is money. To avert this, communicate transparently about the budget beforehand, and set realistic standards about vacation finances. Agree on who will pay for what, and get creative with managing these payments by creating a detailed spreadsheet or downloading Venmo to split costs. You will find your vacation to be a lot more enjoyable this way.

4. Be Transparent About What You Want

Communication is the key to a relationship (we know you’ve probably heard that a million times), but effective communication during a trip becomes all the more paramount. Unfortunately, the consequences of not doing so will be magnified as well.

When you argue with your partner at home, you can blow off some steam by going on a date with a friend instead; however, being stuck in the same hotel room on a trip means you won’t have this option. So beware of the sensitivity and vulnerability that each other’s actions can have while on a trip, and be transparent of boundaries, expectations and hopes beforehand.

5. Above all-Have Fun!

Finally, make memories with your partner that you will smile at when reflecting on it in the years to come. Forgive truly but quickly during those heated moments that may come. Remember to stay open-minded and be appreciative of the rare opportunity to travel with someone you love. Savour moments, have fun and take pictures. It’s all in the attitude!

And there you have it - short and sweet tips for those planning a trip with their partner. We get it, it’s stressful and a complicated process; however, with a bit of faith, trust and luck, we promise that any itinerary can be tackled confidently.


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