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How do I impress my crush on the chat?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Impressing your crush through chat involves a blend of authenticity, charm, and engaging conversation. Start by showing genuine interest in their interests, passions, and opinions. Ask thoughtful questions and actively listen to their responses to demonstrate your curiosity and attentiveness. Share interesting stories or experiences about yourself to create a connection and foster mutual understanding. Additionally, sprinkle humor and wit into your messages to keep the conversation lighthearted and enjoyable. Lastly, be respectful of their boundaries and avoid coming on too strong or making them feel uncomfortable.

When chatting with your crush, focus on building rapport and establishing a meaningful connection rather than trying to impress them with superficialities. Be yourself and let your unique personality shine through your messages. Remember to be patient and respectful, as relationships take time to develop and flourish.


- Esther Perel: Dating and Relationships - Psychology Today: Flirting and Attraction


April 17, 2024

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