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I don't know if I still love my girlfriend after 12 years

Answer from our relationship expert:

It's natural for feelings to evolve over time in long-term relationships, and questioning your love for your girlfriend after 12 years is not uncommon. Reflect on the reasons why you're feeling uncertain and explore whether there are underlying issues or concerns that need addressing. Consider whether the spark and excitement in your relationship have diminished and whether you both have grown in different directions. Communicate openly and honestly with your girlfriend about your feelings and concerns, and listen to her perspective with empathy and understanding. Seek guidance from a couples therapist or relationship coach if needed to navigate this transitional period and make informed decisions about the future of your relationship. Remember that love is a dynamic and evolving journey, and it's okay to reassess your feelings and priorities along the way.

Uncertainty about love in long-term relationships is common and requires open communication and reflection.



April 10, 2024

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