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I told my new person that “he makes me really happy” and he responded “good you deserve it”. What did he mean? What was he saying?

Answer from our relationship expert:

His response likely indicates that he appreciates your happiness and believes you deserve it. It reflects his acknowledgment and validation of your positive feelings. By affirming your happiness, he may be expressing his support and desire for your well-being in the relationship. It's a positive sign that he values your happiness and wants to contribute to it. However, to fully understand his intentions and feelings, it's essential to have open and honest communication about your relationship dynamics and expectations.

Reflect on the context of your conversation and observe his actions and behavior in the relationship. If you have any concerns or uncertainties, consider discussing them with him in a respectful and non-confrontational manner. Building trust and understanding through communication is key to fostering a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


- Gottman Institute: Building Trust in Relationships - Psychology Today: Communication in Relationships


April 17, 2024

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