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Grow your love with fun games and engaging questions. Get personalized guidance from our
AI Love Coach, your love life's own personal trainer!

Join over 15,000+ couples using Flamme everyday!

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Ready to take your Relationship to the next level?


Flamme is an app for couples who feel disconnected due to busy work schedules or long distance, helping them connect better with gamified healthy habits and an AI coach.


Discovery Questions


Happy Couples


Emotions Exchanged

Falling in love is the easy part!

It’s the staying in love that needs work.

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you cultivate a happy and long lasting relationship by offering tools and resources which aid in actively shifting your mindset and pursuing activities to strengthen your relationship - We call it Relationship Wellness!


And Relationship Wellness isn’t just for couples with issues—just like gyms aren’t only for those out of shape. Every couple should practice relationship wellness, and Flamme makes it easy and fun!


Ankit Nayal

Flamme Founder

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How we add value to your relationship?

We provide the tools. You and your partner commit to using them and reaping the benefits.

Daily Questions

Our engaging daily questions spark meaningful conversations, helping you and your partner navigate the complexities of modern relationships. These questions go beyond love, fostering deeper understanding and connection.


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Relationship Tools.png

Relationship Tools


Strengthen your bond with interactive tools designed to enhance your relationship. From playful quizzes to bucket list ideas and insightful advice from our Love AI, we've got you covered. Each tool is crafted to bring joy, excitement, and deeper connection.

Engagement Features 

Stay connected effortlessly with our quick engagement features. Share how you’re feeling, send fun emojis, and react to your partner’s updates. These small yet meaningful interactions keep the love flowing and the connection strong.

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AI Love Coach

Because each relationship is different, get personalized advice and intelligent relationship suggestions from our Love Guru AI. Our love coach is here to guide you through the ups and downs, ensuring you always have the support you need to keep the spark alive!

What Flammers say about us?

“Flamme has become our trusted daily relationship companion, as essential as our morning toothbrush ritual!.”

Couple in Nature

Emily & Marko

8 months in love

“The app is genius! We have an easier time discussing bigger things effectively, we argue less and with less intensity.”

Couple Outdoor Photoshoot

Margot & Jack 

3 years in love

"Flamme has been a game-changer for our relationship. The daily questions are 
so insightful, yet so fun! Best app for us couples!”

Couple at Home

Ruslan & Sergi

5 years in love


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Download Flamme - The Couples App on the App Store
Download Flamme - The Couples App on the Google Play Store

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