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Our Story

At Flamme, we're devoted to deepening bonds between couples, guiding partners on a journey of mutual discovery and growth while exploring the depths of their love. 

We truly want to help couples stay and grow in love.

Our Founder and CEO, Ankit Nayal, leveraging his experience as a Couples Coach, and drawing from his global perspective gained from living in five different countries, identified a critical market gap. He recognized that traditional therapy's benefits were largely inaccessible to the general public due to the barriers of stigma, high cost, and limited availability.

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Our logo symbolizes a cozy bonfire under a starry sky, capturing the essence of romantic moments and the sparks of love.

Driven by this insight, he and his team developed an affordable and accessible relationship wellness tool designed to nurture and sustain healthy partnerships - Flamme - The Couples App. This unique platform was intentionally crafted to assist couples after they had found each other, and facilitate their journey ahead.

With a foundation in cutting-edge research, design, and machine learning, our app provides transformative tools, from enlightening daily discovery questions to relationship-boosting adventures, ensuring couples not only find love but thrive in it.

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Our unwavering commitment to accessibility drives us to make relationship health available to all. We believe that nurturing love shouldn't be a privilege reserved for a few, so we're determined to keep our services inclusive and affordable.

Join us on this thrilling expedition of love, and let Flamme ignite the spark that leads to a lifetime of joy and connection.

Together, we'll create enduring relationships, one couple at a time.​

Our Work Ethics

We believe in doing.
Our to-dos are set for yesterday, rather than tomorrow.
At Flamme, everyday is day zero and we move fast, learn faster.
Work hard, act smart and be honest are our three golden principles.

We make it easier to keep the Flamme lit.
If the above sounds like you and you want to help light the Flamme together, contact us.

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