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Press Kit

(Updated March 2023)

We’ve collected some resources for anyone interested in writing about Flamme - The Couples App. Reach out to us at for further questions or materials. Thank you so much for helping us keep the love alive!

​​Flamme is a couples app focused on helping partners discover each other better with daily questions and uncomplicating fun for them with hundreds of curated date ideas along with other relationship strengthening tools, which include advice articles from relationship experts and a generative AI powered “Ask Me Anything” tool
. We want to help couples stay and grow in love.

  • Daily Discovery Questions: Daily questions from these categories to help you discover and know your partner better - Communication & Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, Family & Home and Work & Money.

  • Hundreds of fun date ideas: Simplified date planning for you and your partner with our ML powered recommendation engine which allows you to plan dates from the following categories - Curated, Movies, Restaurants and Events.

  • Articles from Relationship Experts: More knowledge by subject matter experts to help you understand your relationship better.

  • Generative AI powered "Ask Me Anything": Seek advice from our FlammeAI regarding love related questions you have. Because no two relationships are the same!

  • Gamified Relationship Tracker, Shared Bucket List, Memories Calendar and much more...

​Our Founder and CEO Ankit Nayal, working as a Couples Coach, realized that the positive effects of therapy weren't reaching the masses because of three obstacles - stigma, cost and availability. He identified a gap in the market for a relationship wellness tool that nurtured relationships, while being affordable and accessible..


He established Flamme - The Couples App with the specific aim of addressing this unmet need in the digital landscape. This unique platform was intentionally crafted to assist couples after they had found each other, and facilitate their journey ahead.

With a foundation in cutting-edge research, design, and machine learning, our app provides transformative tools, from enlightening daily discovery questions to relationship-boosting adventures, ensuring couples not only find love but thrive in it.

Our unwavering commitment to accessibility drives us to make relationship health available to all. We believe that nurturing love shouldn't be a privilege reserved for a few, so we're determined to keep our services inclusive and affordable.

Join us on this thrilling expedition of love, and let Flamme ignite the spark that leads to a lifetime of joy and connection.

Together, we'll create enduring relationships, one couple at a time.​


Download here.

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