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We’ve collected some resources for anyone interested in writing about Flamme - The Couples App. Reach out to us at for further questions or materials. Thank you so much for helping us keep the love alive!

​​Are we a dating app? Nope.
We are an app for after you have found your significant other, designed to help you discover your  relationship better and maximize the quality of the time you spend with them. We offer you daily discovery questions, a curated pick of the best experiences, date ideas, and other relationship strengthening tools! Also included is a generative AI powered "Ask Me Anything" (try it out
No more complications. No more mundane routines.
Make relationships simple and fun again.
​​Flamme is a couples app focused on helping partners discover each other better with daily questions and uncomplicating fun for them with hundreds of curated date ideas along with other relationship strengthening tools, which include advice articles from relationship experts and a generative AI powered “Ask Me Anything” tool
. We want to help couples stay and grow in love.

  • Daily Discovery Questions: Daily questions from these categories to help you discover and know your partner better - Communication & Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, Family & Home and Work & Money.

  • Hundreds of fun date ideas: Simplified date planning for you and your partner with our ML powered recommendation engine which allows you to plan dates from the following categories - Curated, Movies, Restaurants and Events.

  • Articles from Relationship Experts: More knowledge by subject matter experts to help you understand your relationship better.

  • Generative AI powered "Ask Me Anything": Seek advice from our FlammeAI regarding love related questions you have. Because no two relationships are the same!

  • Gamified Relationship Tracker, Shared Bucket List, Memories Calendar and much more...

​Our Founder and CEO, Ankit Nayal, lived in five different countries, ranging from the far east, in China, to the far west, in the USA. While living in these countries, he noticed that there were plenty of apps to help him find a partner, but nothing substantial to help him improve his relationship. Very few apps existed that added value once the relationship actually began. 
He realized the lack of value creation and accompanying struggles in his own relationship too. A lot of the struggles could have been avoided if they knew the right questions to ask to discover their relationship better, and found fun things to do together around each others busy schedule.


Noticing this, in 2021, he began conceptualizing an app that would be central to easing all "experience decisions" in a relationship - movies, recipes, games, restaurants, bars, events, vacations, etc, and got a team together in 2022. Nayal and the team launched the beta in San Francisco at TechCrunch Disrupt'22, where we were invited as a Battlefield Startup. Learning from the feedback from the beta users, we took the app back to the drawing board and redesigned the user flows for more simplicity while improving further on our proprietary recommendation engine. 


We also recently pivoted to also cover communication in relationships, by including a daily discovery question along with other relationship strengthening tools, which include advice articles from relationship experts and a generative AI powered “Ask Me Anything” tool. 

Our end goal is to make it easier to be in a relationship, rather than make it easier to be out of a relationship (as the current dating apps do, where another relationship is just a swipe away).

Let's keep the flamme of love alive!


Download here.

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