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10 Fun Date Ideas for a Spring Day in May

Spring is here and it's finally starting to warm up! If you've been cooped up indoors, itching for some cute outdoor activities, then you've come to the right place. We've put together this list of fun date ideas perfect for enjoying a sunny day in May with bae! From sunset painting sessions to spontaneous mini road trips, there's something here for every couple ready to make the most of the season. So grab your sunscreen, maybe a few Claritin if the pollen is trying to ruin your fun, and get ready to create some unforgettable spring date memories!

Fun Date Ideas

🌈 Quirky Color Quest 📸

Explore the world in vibrant color! Choose a shade that intrigues you and embark on a journey to find objects in your town and nature that match your color. Take creative photos with your discoveries and enjoy our color-themed playlist as the soundtrack to your adventure.

girl and boy in blue jacket next to blue wall
Photo Credit: Илья Торопов

☀️Sunny State of Mind☀️

Before the sun sets, gather blank paper and any coloring utensils you have. Find a peaceful spot like your front porch or a park and create a picture of the sunset. Within your artwork, list ten things you're grateful for at that moment. If you're both morning people, draw the sunrise!

drawing of a tree at sunset
Photo Credit: Esra Afsar

🍽️ Dine and Dash 💨

The name of the game is Dine & Dash- but with a playful twist! Here's how it works- set a budget for your dinner experience and head to a lively area with plenty of food choices within walking distance. The challenge? Try one meal from each restaurant. You'll want to give yourself enough time so forget waiting for the check – pay in cash and dash to your next spot! Let the dining games begin!  

couple holding hands and running in street
Photo Credit: Budgeron Bach

🚘 Getaway to the Unknown 🪙

Don't think, just go! Choose your mode of transportation and randomly select your direction by flipping a coin at each intersection. Heads- Take a right. Tails- Take a left. When you've stumbled across a new area that looks interesting and safe, get out and explore!

couple driving in blue convertible car
Photo Credit: RDNE Stock project

🗺️ X Marks the Spot: A Thrilling Treasure Expedition 🏔️

Every great treasure hunt includes a map, an adventure, and an X marking the spot. Put on your explorer hat and get ready to create your own quest! First, choose the treasure. It can be money, a special note, or any knickknacks you're willing to give away. Put them into a small box or a ziplock bag for safekeeping. Then, pick a hiding spot like a park or a trail (avoid private property!) and bury the treasure. Finally, create a treasure map paving the way to the hidden goodies. Don't forget to mark the spot with an X and leave the map in a good place for someone to find!

boy and girl digging with shovels
Photo Credit: Thirdman

🚲 Tandem Adventures 🌳

Calling all adventure-loving duos! Experience the thrill of tandem biking together. Hop on a 2-seater bike and pedal your way through scenic trails, feeling the exhilaration of teamwork and the joy of shared exploration. It's a dynamic and romantic journey that's sure to create unforgettable memories and deepen your connection.

couple on tandem bike ride
Photo Credit: Mehmet Mert Mutlu

🧑‍🌾 Market Mash Up 🧺

Experience the world of local delights with this Street Market Date! Find a pop up market near you and choose a few booths selling tasty snacks. Feeling adventurous? Let the vendors surprise you with their specialties! Then, find a cozy spot to sit, relax, and try out your treats. It's a delightful way to discover new flavors and connect with the local vendors while enjoying each other's company. Plus, you might uncover some hidden gems that become your new favorite market finds!

guy and girl eating burger at food truck
Photo Credit: Kampus Production

🎥 Movie Magic: Drive-In Date 🚘

Rediscover the charm of outdoor cinema, as you snuggle up with blankets and snacks while watching a movie. Seek out a nearby drive-in or create your own cozy setup at home. 

couple in backseat of car with blanket
Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

🍓Strawberry Sweetheart 🍰

Looking for the perfect spring date? Spend a delightful afternoon picking fresh strawberries at a nearby patch, where the vibrant colors and sweet aromas create a romantic atmosphere. After filling your basket with ripe berries, head home and bake a delicious strawberry-flavored treat!

girl picking strawberries from basket
Photo Credit: Gülşah Aydoğan

☀️Sunset Skies: Romantic Plane Ride ✈️

Take your date to new heights by exploring Cessna airplane rides near me. Many small companies offer private sunset rides for around $100-300, creating the perfect opportunity for a memorable anniversary or special occasion. Tip: Elevate the romance by bringing a bottle of champagne and your favorite dessert!

man and woman by Cessna airplane
Photo Credit: Lurii Laimin

Looking for more unique and exciting date ideas to connect with your partner?

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