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10 signs of true love

Identify the signs to know if you’re experiencing the greatest love of all.

It’s hard to describe what true love is, the closest we seem to get to a definition is: a feeling of warmth, tenderness, passion, desire encapsulated in an unconditional agreement to stick together through thick and thin. With the aforementioned in mind, there are definitely signs that point towards this definition of “love”. Without further ado, here are 10 indicators that you can use to identify the truest type of love.

1. You are willing to make sacrifices

Giving and taking, making sacrifices even when you may not realize. When it is anyone else, you may be willing to act selfish, but when it’s your person, you for some reason - find more pleasure in pleasing them.

2. You can never bring yourself to hurt them

You can’t imagine hurting them, either emotionally or physically. Your instincts change from those considered human - payback and revenge - to selflessness and protection.

3. They listen

Whenever there is a need to talk - they are ready to listen. They understand the importance of talking through conflicts or concerns. Healthy communication without dismissal or interruption is a rarity that indicates they are truly in love with you.

4. They are loyal

Many may regard this as a ‘bare minimum’, but it’s an important need which always is to be reiterated to those a little lost - when there is true love, you’re simply uninterested in being with anyone else.

5. There’s no “I” in “we”

“We-talk”, whether that be in conversation with friends, family or co-workers, reflects a sense of togetherness and consideration for the long-term. “We” indicates attachment and intimacy and is a surefire sign of true love.

6. You’re supportive of one another

You inspire and push each other to be the best version of yourselves. They never wish you ill and live for moments you succeed. They celebrate achievements with you and are just as happy as you are when you succeed.

7. You find yourselves unable to stay mad at each other

For those rare moments that love and hate collides, love always prevails. In arguments, you find yourselves annoyed, but never truly enraged. Moreover, after things have cooled down, you can never remain mad at them.

8. You are inseparable

No, this does not mean you spend every waking moment together, but it does mean that your home is with them. Regardless of what roads you travel during the day, they are always your base and go-to for company.

9. You confide in each other

Openness is a sign of true love. When together, you talk about anything and everything without pretense. You confide in each other about what is in your heart and mind in an attempt to understand each other and as the ultimate display of trust.

10. You trust each other

You have trust in the relationship, in each other and in the other’s actions, this trust exists because there is no reason to be distrust-worthy. You value each other’s opinion on hard topics but never push on disclosing something they are not ready for.

Keep in mind, if you are in a relationship and are panicking about not hitting all of these indications, do not fret! Relationships take time and hardships to reach a state of emotional maturity - so take your time to test the waters. As long as both of you are happy in a relationship, do not try to change anything about it.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only. Please do not use the information provided here as a replacement for therapy or professional advice. For the full disclaimer policy, please refer to


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