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8 Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships

man and woman on phone in long distance relationship
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Long-distance love doesn't have to mean lonely nights and endless longing; with the right tools, your relationship can be more connected and passionate than ever before. Whether you're separated by cities, states, or even countries, staying connected is crucial to keeping the spark alive. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever to bridge the gap. In this article, we'll explore the 7 best apps for long-distance relationships, designed to bring you and your partner closer together, no matter how far apart you are.

From engaging daily discovery questions that help you learn more about each other to steamy sex toys that spice up your intimate moments, these apps offer innovative and exciting ways to ensure your love not only survives but thrives across the miles. So, if you and your partner are navigating the complexities of a long-distance relationship, read on to discover the digital tools that can make your journey together even more fulfilling and rewarding.

Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships

  1. Flamme- The Couples App (Relationship games and daily questions)

  2. Lovebox (Personalized messages in a box)

  3. CardSnacks (Digital cards for every occasion)

  4. We-Vibe (App-controlled sex toys)

  5. Regain (Online couples therapy)

  6. Culpa (Shared scheduling and date planning)

  7. Rave (Simultaneous video streaming)

  8. Locket Widget (Real time photo sharing)


Flamme- The Couples App

Flamme is the ultimate couples app for long-distance relationships, designed to help you grow closer through fun and meaningful interactions. Imagine having a playful friend who encourages you to explore every facet of your relationship. With topics like communication, sex & intimacy, work, family, and fun, Flamme's daily discovery questions will spark conversations you might never have thought to have. Plus, with engaging features such as couples quizzes, a relationship tracker to celebrate the days you've been together, and a personalized AI coach offering one-on-one support, Flamme makes the distance feel a lot shorter.

Free Features:

  • Daily Questions: Discover something new about your partner every day.

  • Relationship Tracker: Celebrate the milestones of your journey together.

  • Feelings & In The Mood: Check in on your partner's feelings throughout the day.

  • Hearts & Farts: Send quick notifications to show you’re thinking about them.

  • Memory Bank: Save and cherish your favorite moments.

  • Bucket List: Plan future adventures and activities together.

Premium Features:

For $11.99/month and $39.99/year, you get access to:

  • Discovery Quizzes: Engage in games to deepen your connection.

  • Customized Feelings: Express emotions with a variety of emojis or create your own.

  • Open Discussion: Unlock prompts for deeper conversations.

  • FlammeAI: Get relationship advice from a personalized AI coach.

screenshots of flamme the couples app homepage



Lovebox isn’t just an app—it’s a beautifully crafted wooden box that displays personalized messages, drawings, and pictures. When your partner sends you a message using the app, a heart on the front of the box spins, signaling you to check inside. Picture waking up to a spinning heart and a sweet message that says, “Good morning, my love! I hope you have a wonderful day!” Cute, right? Sure, you could just use your phone to send a text, but let’s face it. Sometimes text messages, which we use to talk with family, verify our login credentials, and confirm doctors' appointments, don’t feel all that romantic. Lovebox makes every message you send to your partner feel special.

Free Features

  • Create custom messages with select templates 

Premium Features

For $4.99/month and $49.99/year, you get access to:

  • Unlock 3000+ templates 

  • Lovebox Channels for daily content

  • AI based writing assistant 

screenshots of lovebox app homepage



CardSnacks makes it easy to send a little joy to your partner, no matter how far apart you are. Choose from a collection of customizable cards for any occasion, from "Thinking of You" to “Good Morning." Add a personal touch with music, confetti, and even a gift—like cookies! A delightful card from CardSnacks can brighten your partner's day and remind them they are always on your mind.

Free Features:

  • Collection of cards for every occasion

Premium Features:

For $3.99/ 1 month, $17.99/ 6 months, $23.99/ 12 months, you get access to:

  • Custom Music

  • Custom Backgrounds

  • Long Videos/Voice Messages

  • AI Message Generator

screenshots of cardsnacks app homepage



Who says long-distance relationships can't be hot and steamy? If you’re craving a sexual connection with your partner and phone sex isn't cutting it, try spicing up your relationship with We-Vibe. This app can pair with a plethora of remote sex toys, from clitoris stimulators to penis rings, giving your partner the power to please you from miles away. Just because you’re long distance doesn’t mean your sex life can’t be just as exciting, fun, and satisfying.

Free Features

  • The app is free to use with the purchase of We-Vibe sex toys! It allows you to control the intensity, frequency, and rhythm of the vibrations for ultimate pleasure. 

screenshots of we-vibe app homepage


Regain Powered by BetterHelp

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. They can expose fears and insecurities that might not surface when living together. While promising research shows that 60% of long-distance relationships succeed, it's not without significant challenges. When faced with problems, long-distance couples often can't attend therapy sessions together. Fortunately, Regain offers a solution by bringing therapy to you. Online therapy is the perfect option for long-distance couples seeking professional guidance and support, helping you navigate the unique obstacles of your relationship from wherever you are.

Premium Features

For $360/month, you get access to:

  • Send audio, video, or text messages to your therapist at any time.

  • Schedule 30-45 min weekly live sessions.

  • Keep a digital journal of your feelings.

  • Join group classes to strengthen your relationship skills.

If you cannot afford it, financial aid is available for those who are eligible.

screenshots of regain by better help app homepage



Getting on the same schedule is hard enough when you’re living together, let alone when you’re living in different cities. Culpa takes the stress out of planning date nights, in-person visits, and other special occasions. The app features a shared calendar, to-do lists, a date planner, and a grocery list, making it easy to coordinate almost anything together. As an added bonus, you can private chat within the app, sharing stories, videos, and photos to create lasting memories.

Premium Features

For 4.99/month or 34.99/year, you get access to:

  • Sync Calendars

  • Create To-Do Lists

  • Set Reminders

  • Schedule Date Nights

screenshots of culpa app homepage



Okay, so you know when you and bae want to watch the same movie or do a workout video together while you’re apart? You count down from 3 and try to press start at the same time… but it never works, and the audio always lags. Yeaaa, been there. But now I'm done with that because Rave lets you simultaneously watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies! Just invite your partner, select a streaming platform like YouTube or Disney+, and enjoy. Keep in mind, if the platform costs money, you need to have a subscription already (sorry, Rave isn’t a clever way to get out of paying for Netflix). Once you’re signed in, you and your partner can easily enjoy it together. You can even send comments in the chat or join public viewing groups for added fun. Trust me, reading people’s comments while watching a wild reality show like “Perfect Match” is entertaining in itself.

Free Features:

  • Watch Videos, Movies, and Shows Together

Premium Features:

For $1.99/month, $9.99/6 months, or $14.99/12 months, you get access to:

  • No Ads

screenshots of rave app homepage


Locket Widget

Created as a gift for his long-distance girlfriend, Matt Ross developed the Locket Widget to help people stay connected in a simple and fun way. This easy-to-use app prompts you to take live photos that are instantly displayed on your partner’s phone. There’s not much else to the app, but that’s the beauty of it! Unlike Instagram, you’re not overwhelmed with content from friends, family, influencers, and people you haven’t seen since high school. Some say it’s kind of like a more intimate version of Snapchat. Locket is meant to be shared between you and your closest loved ones. It also encourages you to show your most authentic self since you can’t take 50 million pictures and upload the best one from your camera library (well, at least not unless you pay for it).

Free Features

  • Upload Pictures

  • Comment with Short Captions and Emojis

  • Premium Features:

Premium Features

For $3.99/month  or $36/year, you get access to:

  • See Who Opened Your Locket

  • Upload Pictures from Camera Roll

  • Record Videos

  • Longer Captions

  • Widget Frames

screenshots of locket widget the couples app homepage


In a long-distance relationship, your phone becomes your lifeline. These apps ensure that no matter how far apart you are, you stay connected, engaged, and deeply in love. So go ahead, download a few, and see what works best for you!

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