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The Best App to Count the Days of Your Relationship

Discover Flamme, the best app for couples 

Ever forgotten an anniversary and found yourself in the doghouse? We’ve all been there! That’s where Flamme, the best app to count the days in your relationship, saves the day. Whether you're tracking anniversaries, special dates, or just tallying up the days you've been blissfully in love, Flamme’s got your back. It’s the ultimate app for celebrating every moment and making sure you never miss a milestone. Discover why Flamme is the go-to app for counting relationship days and keeping the flame alive!

Start counting your relationship days now!

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Why we recommend counting days
in your relationship

Celebrating Milestones

Knowing how many days you’ve been together? It’s like having a cheat sheet for awesome celebrations.

Counting the days in your relationship with Flamme is like having a secret weapon for epic celebrations. Your 100th day, 500th day, or any quirky number that’s special to you can be your excuse to throw a party and make those memories unforgettable. Who doesn’t love a good reason to pop some champagne and celebrate your fabulous journey together?


Reflecting on Your Journey

Using Flamme to count the days you've been together is your backstage pass to the greatest hits of your relationship. Relive those sweet moments and epic challenges, and remind yourselves just how amazing you are as a couple. It’s like your personal highlight reel of love, showing you exactly why you two are pure magic together. Plus, it’s the perfect way to give each other a little nudge when times get tough—look how far you’ve come, and keep rocking it!

Planning for the Future

Counting your relationship days with Flamme isn’t just about basking in the glory of the past; it’s about getting hyped for what’s next. Use those days to plan future surprises and set couple goals because this adventure is just getting started. With Flamme, you’ll always have something exciting to look forward to. Plan that dream vacation, set a date for that romantic dinner, or just look forward to a cozy night in—Flamme helps you keep the fun and anticipation alive.

Strengthening Commitment

Every time you acknowledge how long you’ve been together with Flamme, you’re basically giving each other a high-five for being awesome partners. It’s a fabulous reminder of your love and dedication over time. Who needs a boring old calendar when you’ve got Flamme to keep your commitment sizzling hot? Every notification from Flamme is like a little love tap, reminding you of the beautiful journey you’re on together.

Keeping the Spark Alive

Flamme isn’t just about counting days; it’s about keeping that spark alive and well. With daily engagement tools, fun quizzes, and thoughtful prompts, Flamme helps you stay connected and in love. Because let’s be real, love shouldn’t be a chore—it should be an adventure, and Flamme is here to make sure every day is a new chapter in your amazing love story.

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Why is Flamme the best app
to add value in your relationship?


Daily Questions

Our engaging daily questions spark meaningful conversations, helping you and your partner navigate the complexities of modern relationships. These questions go beyond love, fostering deeper understanding and connection.

"These questions are our fun daily topic of conversation.

Clara & Marc 

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Relationship Tools


Strengthen your bond with interactive tools designed to enhance your relationship. From playful quizzes to bucket list ideas and insightful advice from our Love AI, we've got you covered. Each tool is crafted to bring joy, excitement, and deeper connection. And of course, you will find our tracker that counts the days you've been together, to make sure to celebrate each milestone! 

Engagement Features 

Stay connected effortlessly with our quick engagement features. Share how you’re feeling, send fun emojis, and react to your partner’s updates. These small yet meaningful interactions keep the love flowing and the connection strong.

AI Love Coach

Because each relationship is different, get personalized advice and intelligent relationship suggestions from our Love Guru AI. Our love coach is here to guide you through the ups and downs, ensuring you always have the support you need to keep the spark alive.

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