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Date night home Hacks

The Ultimate Guide for The Homebody Couple

The truth is, if you and your loved one have never had the natural urge to hibernate with one another indoors, the inner homebody in us all, we have had no choice but to embrace during an unprecedented time of global and nationwide lockdowns. No matter where you are in the world, the many freedoms we once took for granted, may now be long-awaited, anticipated, and craved for. Whether it be, checking out that newly opened, but now closed down haunt that promised gastronomical cocktails, or that limited edition burger you passed on while telling yourself, there’s always ‘next time’ – date-night choices for many have taken a nose-dive. A couple’s weekly need for romance has undergone a make-over, one that requires creativity and sheer determination to not be defeated by homebody-boredom.

If you’ve found yourself among the lucky few who are now enjoying reinstated access and freedom of movement, indulge us for a moment and come with us on a pastime journey. One that doesn’t involve the sofa or speaking box, and maybe you too will summon your inner homebody with these four homebody hacks. Enjoy!

1. A Cooking Courtship

You don’t have to be Gordan Ramsey or the smoldering Nigella to get creative in the kitchen. Dust off that old cookbook, browse the web or be brave and attempt that haute cuisine dish, you once sampled at a favorite restaurant. Cooking can be therapeutic, romantic, and has been proven to be good for the soul.

According to Helen E. Fishers relationship piece in Psychology Today, the dinner-date is a pastime that has transcended the evolution of cultures due to an innate predisposition, “Around the world men have given women presents prior to lovemaking…a fish, a piece of meat, sweets and beer are among the delicacies men have invented as offerings,” notes, Fisher. We are not the only species to do this. Animals too gift their mates with edible offerings to demonstrate their prowess to provide security and to nurture.

Yes, the sharing of food is a relationship phenomenon. In a 2014 study, Myrte E. Hamburg, Catrin Finkenauer and Carlo Schuengel noted that enjoying food with a loved one is inextricably connected to humans earliest and most deeply ingrained needs and wants to feel safe, secure, and emotionally supported. We are most likely to approve of others who prepare and share food. Indeed, it appears that sharing is caring, and those that love to cook are emotionally communicating their capacity to care for and love others. Don a cute apron, and to add a bit of cheek, show some, by donning matching aprons over your birthday suit. Don’t worry about dessert – save room for some passion and leave the dishes for the morning.

2. Paint & Sip

So, there isn’t a single millennial who hasn’t heard, read, or joined the “Paint & Sip” craze. Starting off with a blank canvas, while we engage purposefully with our imaginations, artistic expression can become limitless. Empirical studies suggest that art improves overall health, mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the most important endeavors we can take in our relationships is to intentionally support and nurture one another’s wellbeing. Around the globe, mental health studies indicate that mental ill-health accounts for challenges that outnumber those related to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Stefano Mastandrea, Sabrina Fagioli and Valeria Biasi, in a 2018 study that researched the connection between art and psychological well-being, found that “aesthetic experience, in many settings, may promote well-being.” The nature of producing an artistic artifact has value in the processes it requires. When you emotionally engage, “the self-rewarding nature of aesthetic experience may influence the beholders affective state.” In short, creating and admiring something aesthetically pleasing sends happy signals to your brain that in turn makes you feel good.

Order some affordable canvasses and acrylics, if possible try sitting somewhere in the home that has a view, and get comfortable in your dressing gown (or robe!) Get that Spotify playlist on loop or ask Alexa to hook you up. Add a glass of your favorite wine to the mix, and paint and sip your way to wellbeing – together.

3. Tipple and Topple

If you fancy yourself a bit of a connoisseur or just want to learn more about your favorite tipple, these days you can order an expert to the door or even have a virtual experience. Yes! At home libation tastings, where you can have a personal and immersive drinking experience that educates and inebriates! (Please drink responsibly!) Whether it be a Whiskey or Gin tasting, or perhaps a Sommelier-esque training on high-end wines, the world really is your oyster, or maybe in this case, your aged wine or whiskey barrel.

Learning together can be so much fun and of course a tipple or two before you topple doesn’t hurt. In the comfort of your own home, learn about gin fusions, how to determine the differences between a scotch or bourbon whiskey, and how to decipher your way through complex notes to make you a more discerning drinker. According to a compelling article in the Harvard Business Review, we learn more when we learn together. In fact, some psychologists suggest that we “grow in connection with others” and more importantly “we don’t need to learn with others in formal training or development programs: we can architect our own opportunities.” Create your own opportunities as a couple or with friends to gain insight, knowledge, and harness new skills while having fun. Try this homebody hack, that is sure to hit that right tastebud spot.

4. The Art of Conversation

No. Don’t stop reading now. Conversation is essential to the growth of your relationship. Intentional and purposeful time dedicated to learning more about your partner and sharing ideas and musings. No one needs to lecture you about the importance of communication, however, it’s always a worthy focus to return to once again. According to the Better Health Channel conversation can be an earnest opportunity to share positive feelings about your partner with them and is an integral part of any healthy relationship. According to a 2013 study, that researched the impact of communication in the harmonization of couple relationships, “the communication level established in a relationship influences the good course of conjugal life.” Appositionally, if communication deteriorates, “couples enter into an inevitable decline.”

Take time out to be ‘present’ with your partner

Carving out fixed time to sit with your loved one, void of distraction or impulse to be doing something other than providing a safe space for the exploration of each other, can curate a healthy pattern in your lives. This can promote the health, sustainability, and enjoyment of your partner. Actively listen and keep it positive. That’s not to say, that you have to avoid challenging conversations about needs or wants, however, walk into the experience with an open mind and trust each other to share openly and honestly. This hack is for the benefit of emotional and intellectual growth in your relationship and all topics are on the table. Laugh, cry, hypothesize. Put the world to right and don’t forget to snuggle.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only. Please do not use the information provided here as a replacement for therapy or professional advice. For the full disclaimer policy, please refer to


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