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Meet The Flamme App
Your Relationship's Partner

Navigating the myriad challenges of a relationship in today's fast-paced world requires more than just love; it needs a tool that caters to the evolving needs of modern couples.

Enter Flamme - The Couples App. In an age dominated by dating apps, Flamme shines as a beacon for couples wishing to fortify and elevate their bond. Below is how Flamme helps ensure a thriving relationship.

iPhone XS Max, XR 
(6.7 Inch).png

Featured on TechCrunch, Harvard Crimson & Product Hunt as the "App for Couples" ❤️🎉

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App Asset 01 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

Multiple tools for 
Partner Discovery

App Asset 02 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

ML Powered 
Date Planner 

App Asset 05 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

Your own 


App Asset 03 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

Relationship Fun
Through Gamification

App Asset 04 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

Discovery Through

App Asset 06 - V2 (6.7 Inch).png

And many more
Fun Couples Tools

All Features: Daily Questions, Discovery Quizzes, Date Planning Tools, Relationship Gamification (Count the Days of your Relationship), Shared Bucket List, Photo Moment Tracker & FlammeAI!

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