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Make dates affordable again - 8 Budget date ideas

Some economical date ideas from our side, as we believe having fun in love can be done without stressing the wallet.

We all know the importance of dating in furthering a connection with someone. However, your love may be free, but dates sure come pricey. Between dinners, movies and carnivals- costs add up. No matter how infatuated you lovebirds are, it's always important to remain financially aware. Plus, "budget" is not equivalent to "boring", and with the right person, almost anything can be fun.

Without further ado, here are some budget date ideas that just require some spare cash and your special someone.

1. Witness the Sunrise/Sunset

This one's for the romantic in us. It's amazing to think that we, as a society, miss out on this so much. Grab some snacks, climb to a roof, put on some music and watch as the day signals to an end or beginning.

2. Try out a shabby food truck

You know that food truck that's always parked nearby, but you never had the chance to try? Get to know your local food scene with your partner while munching on some cheap treats. What a win!

3. Go to the flea market

Wake up early and hit the neighbour hood garage sale. Set a budget and make it into a fun competition by seeing who can haggle their way to the most treasures. Alternatives include thrift shopping, visiting a flea market...Who knows what cheap finds you can dig up?

4. Stargaze in your backyard with some booze

In this busy day and age, it's becoming harder to remember the last time we went device free and really took time to appreciate nature. Why not grab a blanket and play astronomy with your partner? Find your favourite constellation using an app like Star Track and enjoy looking up!

5. Have a picnic on the floor

Experience what the dating scene was like in the 18th century by turning the power off, lighting some candles and having a picnic on the floor indoors.

6. Write love letters to each other, in front of each other

No need for sophisticated penmanship, but this cute date idea will make anyone go 'aw'! Sit in front of each other and try not to giggle as you detail what you love about your partner.

7. Visit an animal rescue centre/shelter

Have you and your partner had heated discussions on why cats are better? Prove them wrong by visiting a nearby animal shelter and petting some adorable animals! (Sidenote: don't blame us if you end up bringing one home)

8. Give each other an at-home spa treatment

Start with a bath bomb, massage oil and clay masks (bubble baths and aromatherapy are a must). Help each other kick-back and relax with some calming music playing in the background. What a night!

None of us should have to choose between treating someone we love to dinner and paying rent. That's where affordable dating comes into play. With these ideas, all you need is the right attitude to have an equally enjoyable date.


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