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How can couples plan exciting dates in Beijing, China?

A couple enjoying a date at a traditional tea house in Beijing, China, with beautiful Chinese lanterns and a serene garden in the background.

Answer from our relationship expert:

Beijing offers a myriad of exciting date options for couples. Start with a visit to the iconic Great Wall of China, perhaps at the less crowded Mutianyu section, followed by a picnic with panoramic views. Explore the historic Forbidden City, then take a relaxing boat ride in Beihai Park. For a unique experience, take a sidecar motorcycle tour through the city's hutongs (traditional alleyways). Enjoy a romantic dinner with a view at one of Beijing's rooftop restaurants, like Yin on 12 at the New World Beijing Hotel. Visit the 798 Art District for a dose of contemporary Chinese art and culture. Take a cooking class together, learning to make traditional Chinese dishes. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at Laoshe Teahouse. For adventure seekers, try indoor skiing at Qiaobo Ice and Snow World. Explore the Summer Palace, taking a paddleboat ride on Kunming Lake. Attend an acrobatics show at Chaoyang Theatre. Take a day trip to the Ming Tombs, exploring China's imperial history. Enjoy a romantic evening stroll around Houhai Lake, known for its vibrant nightlife. Visit the Temple of Heaven early in the morning to watch locals practicing tai chi. End your day with a relaxing couples' spa treatment at one of Beijing's luxury hotels.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Guidance & steps forward:

When planning dates in Beijing, be aware of air quality and check pollution levels, especially for outdoor activities. Consider the season, as Beijing's weather can be extreme in summer and winter. Book popular attractions in advance to avoid long queues. Be mindful of cultural norms and dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites. Learn a few basic Mandarin phrases to enhance your experience. Be prepared for crowds at popular tourist spots. Consider using the subway to avoid traffic congestion. Be cautious with street food if you have sensitive stomachs. Carry cash, as some places may not accept foreign credit cards. Respect local customs and etiquette, such as not discussing sensitive political topics in public. Be aware of scams targeting tourists in popular areas. Check for any special events or holidays that might affect your plans. Consider hiring a local guide for a more in-depth experience of the city's history and culture. Be open to trying new experiences and flavors unique to Beijing.



July 1, 2024

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