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Is it wrong to want a guy who's good-looking if I'm trying to take care of myself?

Answer from our relationship expert:

Physical attraction is a natural and important aspect of many romantic relationships. Wanting a partner who is physically attractive to you is not inherently wrong or shallow – it's simply a reflection of your personal preferences and desires. However, it's essential to recognize that physical appearance is just one aspect of a person, and focusing solely on looks may overlook other important qualities such as personality, compatibility, and shared values. When seeking a partner, it's important to prioritize qualities that contribute to a healthy, fulfilling relationship rather than solely focusing on superficial attributes. Additionally, taking care of yourself involves more than just physical attraction – it also encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Finding a partner who supports and uplifts you in all aspects of your life can contribute to overall happiness and fulfillment in the relationship.



March 10, 2024

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