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Under Pressure: Minute-To-Win-It Games for Couples!

Are you in search of interactive and affordable games to spice up your relationship?

Welcome to your one-stop destination for "10 Minute-to-Win-It Games for Couples" that are not just entertaining, but also easy to set up with everyday household items. Whether you're newly dating, happily married, or somewhere in between, these games promise to infuse an extra dose of fun and competition into your relationship. From classics like "Bounce That Balloon" to creative spins like "Marshmallow Madness," our curated list offers something for everyone.

Best of all, you don't need to invest in expensive board games or plan an elaborate date night. Just grab some balloons, plastic cups, and marshmallows, and you're all set for an unforgettable experience. With a simple 1-minute timer, you can enjoy rapid-fire romance and laughter, making every second count. Elevate your couple time today by embracing these simple yet exhilarating challenges.

In just 10 minutes or less, watch how these games bring you closer while lightening up your mood. Don't let another weekend slip away in boredom; tap into the joy of competition and companionship with our 10 Minute-to-Win-It Games for Couples.

A close-up of hands, each holding different game props like an orange ping-pong ball, a spoon, and a feather.  A festive, blurred background of cheering people, banners saying "Minute to Win It," and a scoreboard.

What you need:

Most things you can find around the house, but if not, your local dollar store won’t disappoint.

  • 1 Minute Timer

  • 10 Balloons (one color for you)

  • 10 Balloons (one color for your partner)

  • 2 Large Rubber Bands

  • 6 Plastic Cups (one color for you)

  • 6 Plastic Cups (one color for your partner)

  • 1 Roll of Colored Tape (basically any tape except clear)

  • 2 Cookies (or small, dry food item)

  • 1 Bag of Marshmallows

  • 2 Headbands (or item with ability to tie around your head)

  • 2 Blindfolds

  • 2 Baby Puzzles (or cardboard boxes)

  • 2 Spoons

  • 1 Bag of Cotton Balls

  • 2 Wine Glasses

  • 2 Plates

  • 1 Whipped Cream


1. Bounce That Balloon

  • Materials: 6 balloons (3 for you, 3 for your partner)

  • When the timer starts, bounce your balloons to keep them from touching the floor. You can use any body part to bounce them, but you can’t hold on to them. If you drop a balloon, leave it there and keep going. The person with the most balloons in the air when the timer runs out, wins.

Bounce That Balloon - A couple playing with many balloons!

2. Slingshot Showdown

  • Materials: 2 large rubber bands, 2 plastic cups (1 for you, 1 for your partner)

  • Place the plastic cups at one end of a table. Use a rubber band to eject your cup forward. See who can get their cup to the other end of the table first.

3. Tic-Tac-Flip

  • Materials: 12 plastic cups (6 for you, 6 for your partner), colored tape

  • Create a tic-tac-toe board on a table using tape. Stand side by side and put one of your cups at the edge of the table, with the open end facing up. Use the edge of the table to flip your cup so that the open end is facing down. If you successfully flip the cup, you can place that cup anywhere on the board. Grab another one and keep going until you get 3 cups in a row. Like this:

4. Cookie Monster

  • Materials: 2 cookies (or small, dry food item)

  • Place a cookie on your forehead. Try to get the cookie in your mouth without using your hands. Anything else goes!

A guy with spectacles and a lot of cookies surrounding him.

5. Hip Thruster 3000

  • Materials: 2 plastic cups, 2 marshmallows, tape/yarn

  • Tie or tap a plastic cup around your waist. Then tie one end of the string around the cup. Leave enough string so that it hangs from your waist to your knees. Lastly, tie a marshmallow to the other end of the string that is hanging down.

The goal is simple: Use your hips to pop the marshmallow into your cup. Like this:

6. Headed For Trouble

  • Materials: 2 plastic cups, 2 headbands/yarn, 2 marshmallows

  • Attach a plastic cup to your forehead using a headband or anything that ties. Place a marshmallow in each cup. The goal is to retrieve the marshmallow in your partner’s cup. There are only two rules:

1. Don’t remove or cover your cup.

2. Stay within arms reach of each other (No, you can't just run away).

If no one wins within the minute, keep going or call it a tie.

7. Totally Puzzled

  • Materials: 2 blindfolds, 2 easy puzzles or DIY puzzles with cardboard

  • Choose two very easy puzzles (like the ones recommended for babies). Cover your eyes with a blindfold and see who can complete the puzzle the quickest. No peeking!

To save money: Create your own puzzle using cardboard box cut outs. Make sure the designs of both puzzles are similar to keep the game fair.

A couple playing a puzzle game together!

8. On Cloud Wine

  • Materials: 1 bag of cotton balls, 2 wine glasses/cups, 2 spoons, 2 blindfolds

  • Pour a bag of cotton balls on the table and set up a wine glass (or cup) in front of each person. Cover your eyes with a blindfold and try to scoop as many cotton balls into your cup as you can.

9. Balloon Butt

  • Materials: 20 balloons (10 for you, 10 for your partner), 2 butts

  • Set the balloons up in a heart formation on the floor. Half of the heart should be one color and the other half should be another. See whose butt can burst the most balloons on their side of the heart in the shortest amount of time. (Tip: If you’re sensitive to loud noises, earplugs may help.)

10. Marshmallow Madness

  • Materials: 20 marshmallows, 2 plates, whipped cream

  • Get 2 plates and place 20 marshmallows on each. Cover the marshmallows with a mountain of whipped cream. With your hands behind your back, see who can eat the most marshmallows before time runs out. (Tip: You may want to tie your hair back!)

A couple playing in the kitchen with cream and marshmallows.

🎉 Let the Games Begin! 🎉


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